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5 of the Best Lazy Rivers in the United States

Summer is a wonderful time of year. From sitting on the beach to cruising on a boat—whatever your fancy, there’s something you can do by the water that makes waiting through the winter worth it. One of our favorite ways to be in the water and under the sun is chilling in a lazy river. We’ve listed out some of the best lazy rivers in the United States. Whether you want a relaxing day with the family or to have fun drinking with friends, spend a day floating down one of these rivers.

Four Seasons Resort
Orlando, FL

Disney World knows how to relax—their 11,008 square-foot “drifter” is quite the way to spend a tranquil day in the area. There’s an adult’s only pool along the way where you can munch on complimentary frozen fruit pops and smoothie shooters. The river itself takes you along the path of mild rapids, a tropical rainforest, and a 9-foot waterfall.

Kingsmill Resort
Williamsburg, VA

According to residents, nothing can beat this lazy river. The river flows along at a calming rate of five miles per hour, but the speed varies throughout, so you’re sure to get bouts of adrenaline along with some relaxation. Float along with a drink in hand and soak in the sunshine. When you’ve got your fill, relax by the fire pit with friends, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy the rest of your day.

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NE

This 6.5-acre pool complex is exactly what you need after a long night in Vegas. The lazy river takes you through four different pools, waterfalls, and more. The river is one of the longest in the states—1,000 feet long, you can float your cares away. Take a break from the poolside parties and soak up the sunshine in the Backlot River.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa
San Antonio, TX

Named the Ramblin’ River, the Hyatt fashioned this 950-foot river to resemble the Guadalupe River. There are limestone banks, cypress trees, and of course a swim-up bar and poolside cabanas. Float past the sandy beach while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding Hill Country. Once you’ve taken a break on the wonderful lazy river, be sure to head over to the wave pools and waterslides.

Grand Wailea
Maui, HI

Grand Wailea has everything you’ve ever dreamed of when it comes to a Hawaii resort. There are nine different pools, on six different levels, and a lazy river that floats through all of it. It’s full of whitewater rapids and gentle currents, as well as jungle pools, slides, and the world’s first water elevator. You won’t want to miss all that this exhilarating resort has to offer.

As we mentioned above, many of these lazy rivers cater to adults, and as such, offer alcoholic beverages. Remember, if you’re drinking, drink responsibly—there are many additional risks to drinking in the sun that you need to be wary of. Enjoy floating in the sun, safely!

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