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Artificial and Natural Lighting

The Importance of Having Light

Light has been around for a century or two and can be produced in a few different ways. There are ceiling lights and lamps, flashlights, and fire/candles. Light is especially useful at night time when it’s dark outside. Light can also be used during the day when there isn’t enough sun to provide natural lighting. Light is also useful to have when searching through an enclosed space such as a cabinet or under a bed.

Uses for Light

Lights can be at least beneficial if not important for various businesses. Lights can give a business a welcoming feel. Lights are useful in libraries where people are focused on finding and reading books. Lights provide much-needed light when surgery is being performed and there’s no room for even minor mistakes. The lights from Medical Illumination provides that important light in an operating room or clinic. Lamps can provide nearby lighting that allows you to see what you’re doing once the natural daylight is replaced by the dark of night.

Lighting Up the Dark

Lights can especially be appreciated during the wintertime when the sun goes down at five p.m. rather than after eight-thirty p.m. There are still several more hours until bedtime that are likely going to be spent eating dinner, reading a book, playing a board game, etc. Having a lamp on while working on a laptop can be preferred over the illumination from the screen alone. There are porch and street lights that are intended for night time use. If you happen to be wandering around outside or come home from work or an errand after dark, you won’t be in complete darkness.

Outdoor Lights

Aside from porch lights, there are lights that are specifically for outside use. Outside lights can be used for backyard gatherings later in the evening. Sports games may use LED lights to keep the game field well lit for the sake of the players and their fellow spectators. Nighttime lights can also double as safety lights since having a darkened driveway or back porch lit up makes it more difficult for a creepy attacker to be able to sneak up on you.

When We Don’t Need Light

Although we have plenty of needs that require light, there are also times when we’d rather not have light. Obviously, there’s no need for light when we go to bed or want to sleep. If we’re watching a movie, whether at home or in a theater, having the lights off makes for a better viewing experience. Having the lights off can especially set the atmosphere when watching a scary movie. Museums may have the lights focused specifically on exhibits in order for them to be more easily viewed. Zoos and aquariums may do the same thing with reptiles and similar habitats.

Places That Stay Dark

If you’re participating in a scary activity such as a haunted house attraction, the lack of lighting makes for a spookier but exciting experience. An indoor amusement park ride may have dimmed lighting to allow the passengers to view any attractions within that ride. There are quite a few other places that have their reasons for having an environment dimly lit. One of those reasons might be to keep a room cooled down.

Getting Light Through Fire

The light might not be as necessary to our survival as it once was years ago. Before electricity, a fire was a source of light. It’s still used as a source of light when out camping in the woods or when the power goes out. Bonfires are built and candles are lit. Tropical places such as Hawaii may even use torches just like in ancient times.

Natural Light Isn’t Always Available

We have a few different sources for light and plenty of uses for it. Light can definitely be beneficial and appreciated during the wintertime. Shorter days mean fewer hours of daylight. And the amount of natural daylight we get can depend on the weather outside. We’re likely to get more natural light coming in through the window on a sunny day than on a cloudy or rainy day.

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