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3 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Afford to Overlook


When you were younger and a passenger in our parent’s vehicle, you probably didn’t give much thought to vehicle maintenance. You might have even assumed that cars only needed fuel to run. It wasn’t until you grew older or sometime after you received your first vehicle that you realized that cars require a lot of maintenance in order for them to be reliable.

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to know which maintenance tasks are crucial to your vehicle’s safety and well-being. But you do need to know which ones you must have performed in a timely manner. While some maintenance services are necessary for your car to run properly, some of them you may be able to avoid for the short-term. Here are some preventative maintenance chores you should not overlook.

Brake System Care

If you like being able to stop on a dime or happen to be someone who travels a little faster than posted speed limits, you need your brake system to be in excellent shape. Having your brake pads, rotors and shoes changed at the proper intervals and getting a brake system flush are all necessary to maintain your ride’s performance.

Oil System Maintenance

Your vehicle uses a variety of fluids to keep parts lubricated and moving properly. One of them involves oil. Not having the oil changed in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendation or to suit your driving needs can be a death sentence for your ride. It is imperative to have the old oil flushed a needed to keep your vehicle alone. You should also get in the habit of checking the oil to keep it topped off in between oil change visits.


Take your vehicle into a repair shop every so often to find out what’s going on with it. Don’t wait for the symbols on the dash to light up to inform you of a potential problem. Be proactive about your vehicle’s care and have a professional diagnostic run to source out potential issues so you can address them before they become costly repairs.

Keep in mind that you should pay close attention to your vehicle’s performance every time you are in the driver’s seat. If you notice your gas mileage is off or that your vehicle seems a little sluggish, get it checked out. The solution could be as simple as a tune-up or a sensor replacement. The more effort you put into caring for your vehicle and staying on top of its maintenance, the better it will run and more money you‘ll save for the long haul.

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