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4 Must-Have Garage Gadgets for Guys


You spend a lot of time in your garage. Make it fun with these must-have garage gadgets for guys.

Mobile Workbench

If you have a garage workshop or are unable to install permanent storage and shelving solutions to your workspace, you need a mobile workbench. Without one, it may be rather annoying to undertake light-duty tasks and downright impossible to tackle ambitious projects. A sturdy workbench fitted with heavy duty swivel casters, drawers and a pegboard wall will provide a dependable mobile workstation and allow you to work on projects of all sizes from anywhere.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bring your music with you while you work with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers can be taken nearly anywhere. They connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet and can turn any room or garage into an entertaining place to be. Additionally, most Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant and sturdy, which makes them excellent for environments where other speakers may be damaged. If you accidentally spill a drink near the speaker or get sawdust from your most recent garage project on it, don’t worry, the speaker will continue working.

Smart Garage Door

Control your garage door from virtually anywhere by installing an app on your smartphone for a smart garage-door controller that is compatible with your existing garage door opener. The specific capabilities of smart garage-door systems will vary by brand, but typically a special controller is attached to your existing opener and a sensor is attached to your garage door. These controllers often connect to your Wi-Fi network and detect the position of your garage door and allow you to control its position from anywhere just by using your phone. Some systems even have video capabilities and voice activation that work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to allow voice commands to open and close your garage door.

Unlosable Car Keys

There are gadgets and programs that can take your boring car key and make it a high-tech, almost unlosable mound of metal. These small object-tracking devices come with a sensor you attach to your keys and then connect to an app on your smartphone. If you can’t find your keys, just go to the app and you’ll be shown a location on a map to find your keys wherever they might be. Additionally, you can add these sensing gadgets to more than just keys. Place one in your wallet or backpack – anything you tend to misplace or want to always be able to locate at a moment’s notice.

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