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Six of the Weirdest Laws in the U.S.

We’re all familiar with a litany of state and federal laws—don’t roll through a stop sign; pull over for emergency vehicles. We familiarize ourselves with these laws in order to avoid unpleasant situations, but some of us may be committing illegal acts without even knowing it. This is due to the extreme oddity of some laws, which we certainly wouldn’t even think about in most circumstances. If this piques your interest, read our list of some of the weirdest laws in the U.S.

No Speed Bumps

In Nevada, it’s illegal to drive a camel on the highway. Apparently, these friendly creatures just can’t maintain the speed limit. No worries, though—residential streets seem to be fair game.

Leave Your Ferret at the Campsite

In West Virginia, it’s illegal to substitute a ferret for your hunting dog—no matter how good their nose is. Fido will have to remain your hunting partner, even if your ferret friend has taken all the proper safety courses. If your next camping trip is in West Virginia, your ferret will have to stay at the tent and watch the snacks.

Forget the Food Coma

Be sure you’ve had your morning caffeine fix before you visit a cheese factory in South Dakota. This state prohibits lying down and taking a snooze on the floor of one of these establishments. As such, we recommend that you leave your slippers at home.

Back Up—or Don’t

There’s a surprising amount of strange traffic laws scattered across the U.S. The home of one of these is Glendale, Arizona, where you’re prohibited from driving your car in reverse. We aren’t sure how you’ll navigate the grocery store, though we think we’d opt for a bike first anyway.

No Magic Tricks

In Hawaii, it’s illegal to hide a coin in your ear, so you may want apply for that magician’s degree elsewhere. Hawaii is the ideal vacation spot, but we’d recommend bringing your coin purse.

Remember Your Passwords

In Tennessee, it’s illegal to share your passwords for any streaming surfaces—so unfortunately, your friend can’t binge-watch Gossip Girl on your account. This also means that you won’t have anyone to consult when you forget your password, so you may want to write that down.

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