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The Uses of MIT’s Robot Cheetahs

Robots continue to become more and more agile and can now perform abilities that look like they came from a science-fiction story. MIT’s robot cheetahs consist of four legs, are said to be virtually indestructible, weigh 20 pounds, and might be the most advanced robotics form we have ever seen. The robot has recently made strides in being able to run upstairs, but now they can do so much more. 


MIT’s robot cheetahs can now jump, turn, and do backflips, making them even more self-efficient. While the cheetahs are still in the test phase, experiments continue to evolve from engineers to see how durable they are. However, a major question with the four-legged robots is what they can be used for. Here are some of the uses of MIT’s robot cheetahs that might become the norm in the future. 


Search and Rescue


While many people see robots as a threat, a huge benefit of MIT’s robot cheetahs is that they can rescue people. Robots are already being used in the construction industry to make matters and everyday operations safer. Cheetahs can be helpful in search and rescue situations by providing people with the resources necessary to survive. 




Other abilities the robot cheetah could perform down the line include watching over construction sites and installations that involve gas, oil, and power. Security is a huge priority for many industries, and robots are now becoming another innovation that can be used to protect 24/7. 


Play Soccer


A cool use of MIT’s robot cheetahs that has given them attention lately is their ability to play soccer. A video from the MIT campus shows nine new mini cheetahs playing soccer in Killian Court. Given the recent advancements, there is no telling what the robot cheetahs will do in the years to come. While the test is fun and light-hearted, it proves the robots are evolving.

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