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New Advances in AI That Are Popping Up Everywhere

For many years, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been alive and well in science fiction’s pages and movies. Talking robots in popular movies like the Aliens, Star Wars, Marvel franchises are the form that AI has taken to capture the world’s attention. Whatever witty robot form AI took, the fact remains that it was conjured up mainly for entertainment. Practical and efficient AI in everyday life, however, is more of a reality now than ever before. Every year, increasingly complex AI forms are coming online and into the world. While they might not look like C-3PO just yet, these are the humble beginnings from which great things spring. Keeping that in mind, here are the new advances in AI that are making their way into our everyday lives.


Healthcare Revolution

Healthcare is an industry that artificial intelligence can leave its mark on in a big way. Medical companies and professionals know this. Collectively, the industry is investing billions in AI technology and adding its applications wherever they can. In the ultrasound field, they are using AI to organize and sort through thousands of images. That way, necessary information can be procured on demand and this sorting eliminates a time consuming—but necessary—chore.


Money and Fintech

As with the healthcare industry, the AI’s inherent ability to gather, store, and process massive amounts of data makes it ideal for the financial sector. AI can analyze financial data and make predictions based on stock market trends. It can provide the best options based on real numbers, and it can tailor the final numbers to fit a specific financial firm’s needs.


Instant Photoshop

If you hate editing photos after you take them, AI can make it easy for you. The technology may soon automatically edit your photo the instant you take it. It would be able to enhance photo sections in the blink of an eye. The ground work is being laid for your camera to adjust light, remove blemishes, and improve photos before they are taken—meaning an improved image can be viewed before the picture is even taken.


Transportation Solutions

Transportation and AI get increased press due to companies competing to develop a self-driving car. There are other, less headline-grabbing ways AI is helping transportation. Trains are utilizing AI, so they are monitored from remote locations to better predict mechanical failures before they happen. In addition, massive ocean liners are using AI to predict weather patterns and find the best route across the open ocean.

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