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The Advantages of Diamond Coated Cutting Tools

Diamonds have several unique properties that make them ideal for use in cutting tool applications. They are the hardest known material on earth and are resistant to abrasion and wear. Diamond has high thermal conductivity, lessening the chances of thermal damage to the workpiece. As a cutting agent, diamond is better to use on natural materials such as stone, concrete, and ceramics. Diamond coating is not just limited to tools such as diamond jigsaw blades and hole saws, though; you can apply it to many others such as grinding wheels, drill bits, and shaping tools. The advantages of diamond cutting tools make it preferred in the machining industry for close tolerance cuts.

Precision Cutting

Diamond blades don’t cut the same way that traditional saw blades do. For example, diamond blades don’t rip and tear the workpiece. Rather, they grind the material down, similar to a grinding wheel. This cutting method creates a clean, precise cut that doesn’t leave burrs or jagged edges. That precision cutting ability and tight tolerance is the reason the aeronautic, electronic, and automobile industries use diamond blades. They help these industries achieve tight tolerances to limit the material loss and keep costs down.


Two factors set diamond blades apart from the rest: longevity and durability. Initially, a diamond blade is more expensive. That extended blade life, however, recovers the extra cost quickly. The bonding agent is the key to the long life of this tool. The bond hardness is the opposite of the material’s hardness. By adjusting the hardness of the bond to fit the material, we can keep the diamond on the blade longer.

Can Replate and Reuse

After repeated use, even diamond tools will dull and wear down. Over time, there will not be as much diamond coating on the tool and the cuts will take longer. If you have a traditional tool, you will have to buy another one. However, you can replate and reuse diamond tools. Diamond tool manufacturers can replate their tools to a like-new state again and again. If diamond tools are more expensive to buy, you make up that money back by replating and reusing them.

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