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Tips for Charging Your Electronic Devices

When our devices need to charge, many of us reach for whatever cable fits. Most of the time it will charge, but it may take a while—you may not have the right cable. This article will provide some tips for charging your electronic devices.

Have the right cable

Using the wrong cable, or an older cable for a new device, can have a negative effect on the charge. It’s so important to use the right cable for your devices for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is the speed of the charge. The right cable will increase the speed, and it will save your battery life in the long run.

Should I charge my device overnight, or will it kill the battery?

Overall, it’s best to not leave it charged overnight for the sake of the device. Most devices these days come with switches built in, so when it recognizes that the battery fully charged, it stops charging and pulling energy. If the battery decreases after this switch goes off, it will switch back on, so you won’t have a device without a charge. However, to reiterate, it’s best to not leave it charging overnight because it can exhaust the device. 

Don’t charge it all the way to 100%

Yes, you read that right. It’s actually worse for the battery to discharge, then recharge all the way to 100%. In fact, for smartphones, it’s best to keep your smartphone within 20% and 80% for optimal battery life. This reduces the amount of energy a device has to put into charging. This is why you probably experienced a smartphone feeling hot after charging it from a low percentage. 

What about my laptop?

Similar to many other devices, most modern laptops have a switch built in to them so that they don’t overcharge. Laptops, however, are slightly more acceptable to leave charging compared to a smartphone. It’s still not recommended though.

The best tip for charging your electronic devices is to use the correct cable for your device, and don’t wait for your electronic to completely die. If it gets to this point, and then it’s recharged to 100%, you could potentially damage the battery and reduce the life of the device. 

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