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Amazfit ZenBuds Won Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2020 in the Week of World Sleep Day

SHENZHEN, China, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On March 22, in recognition of World Sleep Day 2020, Huami(NYSE: HMI) Amazfit released the 2019 Chinese Sleep Whitepaper[1] on March 21th, giving big data analysis on the varied sleep-themed topics in China. Based on health-focused strategy and concerns on high quality sleep, Amazfit launched the ZenBuds at CES2020. Huami also won Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2020[2]with its special and innovative product design.

Report Shows Chinese women Sleep 21 More Minutes Per Night than men

Amazfit ZenBuds Won Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2020
Amazfit ZenBuds Won Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2020

Huami’s 2019 Chinese Sleep Whitepaper is based on the 10 million-level sleep health big data[3] and 100,000+ online survey questionnaires. It analyzed and studied the sleep characteristics of Chinese people in 2019 through multiple dimensions. It also calls on the public to pay attention to personal sleep health and develop good sleep habits.

According to the report, the sleep habits of Chinese women are significantly better than Chinese men. Data shows that, on average, women sleep 21 minutes longer than men every night, fall asleep at 23:40, 23 minutes earlier than men, and wake up 2 minutes earlier than men. The average sleep score of women is 83.5 points, compared with 81 points for men. In terms of sleeping position, men prefer to lie flat, while women prefer to lie on the right side.

Born for better Sleep, Amazfit ZenBuds Won Red Dot Award

After its launch at CES2020, ZenBuds has got noticed by the industry. Amazfit ZenBuds help users relieve daily stress and the pressure or struggle to get a good sleep. Amazfit ZenBuds are smart, noise-blocking earbuds that are specially designed to help users relax and sleep. By reducing distracting noises and playing relaxing sounds, the earbuds let users block out the outside world and fall asleep more easily. The smart sleep monitoring function analyses the sleep quality each night, helping users form healthy sleeping habits.


ZenBuds fit snugly into users ears with an ergonomic, sleep-assisting design that insulates users from outside noises, giving users a peaceful night’s rest, or helping users to relax and concentrate during the day time.


Secure Fit for the Whole Night, only 1.78g[4] per side and a comfortable and secure-fit design, so users can sleep and switch sides in comfort.


Knowles Balanced Armature generates relaxing and sleep-inducing sounds, imitating different scenarios and natural environments, to help users release tension and get a better nights sleep.


ZenBuds gather data on users heart rate, body position and movement, then compile it into a sleep quality report[5] which helps users better to know their sleep status, makes suggestions for a better sleep, helping users form healthy habits.


ZenBuds supports tap control, soothing Auto-off via Sleep Recognition. After users fall asleep, the earbuds automatically pause playing, so users can sleep soundly throughout the night.


Soft and skin-friendly silicone tips, ultra-comfortable to wear while sleeping.


The earbuds provide up to 12-hour[7] battery life on a single charge when sleep monitoring is running 3 hours after the sleep music ended, and supports 8 nights[8] of use when paired with the charging case.


Wake up gently to an alarm tone that increases gradually and goes off in users ear, so it doesn’t disturb anyone else.

SpecificationsAmazfit ZenBuds
Time to market2020, TBC
PriceUSD 149.90
Bluetooth versionBT5.0 BLE
Battery Life8 to 12h  (>68 hours with the charging box)
Headphone weight1.78g
SensorsG sensor
Sleeve materialSilicone
SpeakerKnowles Technology
FeaturesSound-blocking Design, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Soothing Sounds, Alarm Clock
Package1 pair of earbuds, one charging case, 3 pairs of silicone earplugs (large, medium and small), 1 USB-A to Type C charging cable, 1 APP manual
[2] RedDot Award is based in Germany, one of the global industrial design awards such as IDEA Award, and IF Design Award.
[3] Based on MI Fit App
[4] Each earpiece only weighs 1.78g when fitted with the Medium bud.
[5] In the Amazfit App
[6] 8 hours: Sounds continuously playing sleep monitoring and heart rate Off. 12 hours: Heart rate and sleep monitoring On. Sounds stop playing after 3 hours and the sleep monitoring keeps working all night long.
[7] Data by Amazfit Lab, could varied due to test conditions
[8] 64 hours provided by charging box and earbuds itself. Data by Amazfit Lab, could varied due to test conditions
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