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Gaming Trends: 7 Technologies That Changed Everything

Technology continuously provides new developments to the gaming industry. With each new emergence, the number of gamers also increases.

Different ways of gaming include using a computer, console, mobile, or another medium. Every platform has experienced a shift in some way or another, but how has gaming changed over time? Below, our expert, Kevin N. Cochran, explores seven technologies that changed the face of gaming forever.

1.  Online Gaming

Nowadays, many developers design games intended for the online market. An example is MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) like World of Warcraft, where players can connect from any part of the world at any time.

The gambling industry has jumped on this trend as well, with many sites, like, offering every casino game under the sun to be played with real money online.

2.  Miniature Gaming Systems

One of the most notable milestones in gaming was the invention of miniature gaming systems that allowed many gamers the freedom to play wherever and whenever. The earliest handheld gaming system was Microvision, released in 1979.

After that came the rise of Game Boys, Nintendos, and PSPs. The Nintendo Switch is also widely used among young players.

3.  The Move to Smartphones and Apps

Portable consoles were already popular when mobile phones became mainstream, so it was no surprise when the two industries combined. Early mobile phones featured in-built games like Tetris and Snake, but they didn’t match up to what was coming.

The dawn of smartphones allowed developers to release games through apps, which anyone could pay to download to their device. This created an entirely new era of players who didn’t want to invest in a PC for gaming, but could now join in through their smartphones.

4.  Incredible Graphics

Long gone are the days of 8-bit graphics. Now, game graphics continue to evolve every year, offering experiences that almost blur the line between reality and gaming.

Modern games are remarkably life-like, as technology offers developers the ability to create more. In addition to this, you can game through high-definition devices like 4K televisions and laptops that provide a crisp interface and vibrant colours.

5.  3D Gaming

Since gaming graphics have spectacularly changed, so did the dimensions you view them in. The majority of modern games encompass 3D characters and environments, but it’s still a relatively recent innovation.

3D rendering became commonplace in the 90s, and today almost every game is three-dimensional. This technology provides you with an excellent looking game that’s a pleasure to play.

6.  Voice and Facial Recognition

Voice recognition technology allows you to control the game using voice commands, while facial recognition creates virtual characters based on your likeness. This means you can make a custom avatar that looks exactly like you.

Another innovative technology is gesture control, which allows you to interact with the game using hand waves. A 3D camera tracks specific points in your hand and uses your natural movements to complete actions in the game.

7.  Virtual Reality is the Next Step

The next leap in gaming has already started. Although many VR consoles aren’t commercially available yet, developers are working on an immersive gaming experience like no other.

IDC predicts that the VR market will increase to $215 billion by 2021. This would make VR one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.


How has the gaming industry changed, you ask? To put it simply, in a plethora of ways. Technological advancements continue to change gaming as we know it, offering unique experiences to every player.

A lot of new gaming technology in 2019 was impressive, but what will 2020 hold? It may just have a virtual reality experience. Are you going to join in on the exciting action?

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